Saturday, January 31, 2009

Une Mort Vague Au Monde

Leaves crunch on the ground
scratchin the belly of this town
dark eyes
sweat stance
The summer sun is blown
into red clouds and in browns
a ghost
a glance
The path is strewn with cars
All parked near neon bars
quick gulps
stained glass
The land's lost all the power
over those who suck in glamor
and hell
slinks past

Ah, me

Tigers to the prowl
massive hungry beasts and fowl
all bared
sharp teeth
as grass supplies the plows
the terrific beast endows
A fear
All's clear!"
The winter's wind is early
Engulfing water with a surly
slight jeer
Don't Test"
A scattered many tribes
Start to weave a way with rhymes
To speak
All's clear!"

Ah, me

Malice in the night
gives a brilliance to the light
thats bitter
calloused hands all bare
are squelching out the air
I breathe
ah, me
witness to the sound
that shook towers to the ground
in the late
like the falling leaves that float
a dreamy chance at hope
is deafly

Ah, me

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