Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sphinx In The Making

So, today I'm working on two things:

1. a piece of the mythological creature Sphinx

2. a pot roast

The Sphinx is for my baby room (baby due in November). I haven't tried to do anything in color for nearly a year. Let's just say I'm having a little rediscovery of technique...

Last night I made the color paper (which I do by making a rubbing with pastel), and as I went to get my ink pens, I felt something was missing... hairspray!! Hairspray? Yep, hairspray.

I learned in an art class many, many years ago, to spray pastel work lightly with a setting spray to keep it from smudging. I figured that if I used this technique I could ink over pastel without screwing up my super-expensive ink pens. One day I ran out of the also-expensive-setting-spray, and resorted to using Aqua Net. It works even better than the fancy ass art stuff!

Though last night I ran into another problem: I quit using hairspray months ago, so no dice. I had to collect quarters to procure my Aqua Net for not my hair, but an inking of a Sphinx...

The pot roast; however, is coming along nicely. My whole house smells like steak and onions, which is making for a very hungry, pastel and ink covered pregnant lady...

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